TC Print Solutions

Data Services

At TCPrint Solutions, we pride ourselves on our team of professionals who know the needs of independent business people and companies alike. We can help target new customers and grow your business. Whether you need to target consumers or other businesses, TCPrint Solutions will compile data from current and extensive databases and deliver the list that will help you prosper. 

Using very specific geographic and demographic criteria, TCPrint Solutions will find new customers that are most likely to convert to a sale. Eliminating the people or businesses that are unlikely customers saves on printing and postage costs, telemarketing costs, and your valuable time.

Our objective is to help you succeed in this rapidly changing business environment. We can help by providing the service, and in-depth knowledge needed to pick the right list, for the right marketing campaign. Your success is our success. 

  • Consumer 

  • 135 Million Households

  • 200 Million Individuals

  • Business

  • 18 Million Businesses

  • 15 Million Executives

  • Resident

  • 135 Million Addresses

  • 100% Nationwide Saturation

  • Specialty

  • Vertical Markets

  • Professionals Organizations

  • Mortgage

  • Loan and Credit Attributes

  • New, Refinance, Equity Line

  • Email

  • 120 Million Individuals

  • 100% Opt-In